Aircraft Restoration

One of the most prominent activities of MAQ should be aircraft restoration. But at the current stage, for lack of adequate hangar space, it can only take place when there are opportunities to access suitable premises at Saint-Hubert airport.

Pierre GILLARD: 2019-08-02 au 08-05 - Évaluation du fuselage du CF-100 à l'ÉNA &emdash; 2019-623143
Access to the D60 hangar of the École nationale d'aérotechnique for a few days allowed the evaluation of the fuselage of CF-100 # 100760 to be carried out.

Aircraft Components Restoration

Another very important aspect of the restoration work envisaged by the MAQ concerns aircraft components. Here we think, in particular, of engines, avionics, landing gear, systems and other on-board equipment.

Pierre GILLARD: Avionique &emdash; MUS-AVN0024
The MAQ has a large collection of avionics equipment dating from the 1960s to the 1990s, some of which deserve to be refurbished.

Aeronautical Equipment Restoration

But there are also other types of material of interest that will be refurbished by QAM volunteers. We speak, for example, of tractors, track vehicles and other ground support equipment. In addition, once they are restored to service, they can be used to provide ground support for MAQ aircraft.

But here too, access to workshops and specialized tools is imperative.

Pierre GILLARD: Airport Ground Support Vehicles - Véhicules aéroportuaires &emdash; 2020-803647
Ground support equipment must also be part of the equipment to be acquired by the MAQ.


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