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By being a corporate member, you will allow the Québec Aerospace Museum (QAM) to meet the costs of developing and operating a sustainable organization. The objective of the QAM is to highlight all aspects of the past, present and future of the aerospace industry in Quebec and Canada through innovative approaches that include the integration of educational and social programming objectives. Help empower us to achieve this goal!

Four Membership Opportunities:

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Become a corporate member of Québec Aerospace Museum and help stimulate a passion for aerospace and inspire the next generation!

When you become a corporate member of the Québec Aerospace Museum (QAM), you will receive a number of courtesy membership cards, with the quantity linked to your membership category (bronze, silver, gold or platinum). These cards are numbered and can be distributed to as desired, including to:


• Your employees.

• Customers.

• Students.

• Members of charitable organizations.

• Members of the community.

• Company visitors.

• Or anyone else showing an interest for aerospace.

The corporate membership card entitles the holder to have the same benefits as regular members of the QAM. This includes access to QAM activities, including the restoration and maintenance of historic aircraft, the creation of satellite models, general training, historical research, and group activities such as visits to companies, organizations and military bases (both in Canada and abroad), plus a lot more.

When you give a courtesy membership card to someone, the holder will be able to register their name on the Museum Internet address mentioned on the card and will, from that moment, be recognized as a full member of the QAM.

Thus your membership will both financially support the activities of the QAM and offer the possibility to designated people to join the exciting world of aerospace.

Thank you for supporting the Québec Aerospace Museum.

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Sponsor a QAM project with your corporate membership

It is possible to dedicate part of the amount of your subscription as a corporate member to sponsor a specific QAM project. Contact us to learn more.

Inventory of QAM projects to sponsor.


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