1958 CAE "Twin Engine" Flight Simulator

On May 4, 2022, the QAM Board of Directors validated the acquisition of a flight simulator belonging to Mr. André Bourassa. This simulator was produced in 1958 by CAE Inc. in 12 copies for the Royal Canadian Air Force and intended for training in the procedures of the crews of twin-engine aircraft, mainly the Douglas C-47 Skytrain/Dakota and the Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar.

It should be noted that the simulator offered to the QAM was meticulously maintained in working order by Mr. Bourassa during the approximately forty years that it was in his possession. It is therefore an exceptional testimony to the aerospace industry in Quebec and Canada that the QAM is preparing to acquire.

A location to expose this simulator to the public is currently being sought. Its continued operation will be ensured thanks to the support of CAE.

But the QAM is already looking for volunteers wishing to take part in the implementation and maintenance of this "Twin Engine" simulator. Technical training will be given to them by Mr. Bourassa who knows all the secrets. Feel free to contact us if this is of interest for you.

The officials of the Québec Aerospace Museum would like to thank CAE Inc. for its support of this project.

RCAF aircraft whose pilots trained on the CAE simulator:

Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar

Beechcraft CT-128 Expeditor

Douglas CC-129 Dakota

The Simulator Today:




History of CAE

On March 17th, 1947, CAE, then known as Canadian Aviation Electronics Ltd., was founded by Mr. Ken Patrick, an ex-Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) officer.

In its infancy, the company was located in a vacant aircraft hangar at the Saint-Hubert Airport. Counting a workforce of 18, CAE started to repair and overhaul ground communication equipment and install Antenna Farms in the Arctic for the RCAF.

The first building occupied by CAE is still visible from Chemin de la Savane at Saint-Hubert airport. It is used by MELS Studios.

Today, CAE represents 75 years of industry firsts—the highest-fidelity flight and mission simulators, surgical manikins, and personalized training programs powered by artificial intelligence. CAE equips people in critical roles with the expertise and solutions to create a safer world.

The History of CAE

A book by author Larry Milberry published by Canav Books recounts in minute detail the rich history of this flagship of Canadian industry, CAE.

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