Community Engagement

On the community and social level, the Museum’s recent achievements include organizing community and student visits to local aerospace businesses and Canadian Space Agency, the École nationale d’aérotechnique (ÉNA) and St-Hubert Airport; Organizating an “Aerospace Heritage Day” in Saint-Hubert/Longueuil in October 2019 (in conjunction with the City of Longueuil), and regular museum participation in the numerous “Open Days” at ÉNA as well as the Aerosalon held at Saint-Hubert Airport in June 2019.

The fuselage of the Avro CF-100 Canuck 100760 being restored by QAM is displayed alongside the Douglas DC-3 C-FDTD of the Plane Savers team during the Aerosalon in June 2019 at Saint-Hubert airport.



Community Integration

QAM officials see an important role for the Museum developing educational programs that support the social reintegration of people living on the margins of our society. This could include practical training in aeronautical technology while working on QAM aircraft.

There are many marginalized people living in our community that cannot easily enroll in traditional educational programs available in Quebec. QAM plans to develop alternative educational pathways that could eventually lead young people to a career in the aviation industry at a later date.

QAM has already been approached by institutions working with student dropouts who are inspired to work on aircraft at the museum, but the museum cannot start a program until it has adequate facilities. The demand of an education facility already exists and must be assessed.

In 2019, QAM organized a visit to Canadian Space Agency for young people affiliated with the Jonathan's House youth centre in Longueuil.



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