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Martin-Baker Mk. 2

The Martin-Baker Mk. 2 ejection seat at the Québec Aerospace Museum was built under license in April 1955 by Canadian Flight Equipment based in Cobourg, Ontario.

This is a model used on the Avro CF-100 Canuck aircraft of the Royal Canadian Air Force as well as the Belgian Air Force.

Bearing the serial number "CAE12", it is believed to have never been installed on an aircraft, but in a CF-100 simulator designed and built by CAE in Montreal, QC. Some equipment made of wood and painted black seems to corroborate this hypothesis.

It is a so-called "automatic" ejection seat, which means that once the ejection sequence has been initiated by the pilot by pulling the protective veil located above his head, all subsequent operations are carried out without intervention. of this one. Thus, even fallen unconscious after the first moments of the ejection, a pilot can still be saved.

The Mk. 2 ejection seat of the QAM is a donation of the Fondation Aérovision Québec based in Saint-Hubert, QC.

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Martin-Baker Mk. 2E

The Quebec Aerospace Museum also owns a Martin-Baker Mk. 2E ejection seat (right in photo).

Bearing the serial number CAN2136, this one will require a careful restoration before being presented.

This Mk. 2E ejection seat is also a donation of the Fondation Aérovision Québec based in Saint-Hubert, QC.




Here are some video clips about ejection seats from Martin-Baker, the world leader in this field.

Martin-Baker - Ejection Seat History.

A brief video showing some of the history behind Martin-Baker and the Ejection Seat.

Footage of the first Martin-Baker Ejection Seat Test.

Bernard Lynch was an engineer fitter at British aviation firm Martin-Baker. But his main claim to fame was as the fearless test subject for their signature invention: the ejection seat.

Martin-Baker Ejection Seat Test.

A NACES ejection test out of the Martin-Baker Meteor test aircraft at Chalgrove Airfield in Oxfordshire, UK.

Emergency Ejection in Martin-Baker Ejection Seat out of CF-18 Aircraft Moments Before Crash.

This aircraft crash happened back in 2010 at Lethbridge, AB, in Canada. The pilot ejects in his Martin-Baker NACES Seat moments before the Canadian CF-18 aircraft crashes during preparation for an airshow while "Staying Alive" by the Bee Gees coincidentally plays over the speaker system.


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